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Paisa, Colombia - Dark Chocolate, Raisin

Paisa, Colombia - Dark Chocolate, Raisin

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Generally considered second only to Ethiopia for clean consistent quality and variety of offerings, Colombia also has the distinct advantage of being rich in high elevation territory, well researched and implemented agriculture, and established transportation infrastructure. 
Since day one at Upper Left Colombian coffees have been a favorite among our staff and customers and a consistent presence on our menu as Colombia harvests and ships coffee year round, one of the only nations to do so. This means there is always fresh Colombian coffee available with fresh coffee from Hula and Antioquia arriving in the middle of winter and from Narino and Tolima in the fall.
Keeping in mind the abundance and flexibility that Colombia offers as an origin we created Paisa to represent the classic profile of Colombian coffees year round. We carefully blend together two fresh Colombian coffees in order to present affordable complexity that is never out of season, and present to you under the this name Paisa- a term of endearment for Colombians used throughout Latin America.