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Guatemalteco, Guatemala - Cacao Nib, Molasses

Guatemalteco, Guatemala - Cacao Nib, Molasses

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Renowned primarily for high grown cooperative or large farm lots, Guatemala produces coffees that are known to present chocolate and fruit in equal parts, with an acidity that is moderate yet refined.

We are a huge fans of Guatemalan coffees at Upper Left- as a reliably excellent origin we feature coffees from the country as single origin in the spring and summer every year, and in blends year round.

In order to best represent Guatemalan coffees consistently year round we have created an all Guatemalan blend- Guatemalteco, which is anchored by coffees from the Huehuetenango region but continually tweaked to include what is best and available from Guatemala at any given time.

The resulting blend is solid, structured, and easy to brew at home. We recommend this offering for use as espresso, french press, or cold brew.