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Cold Brew Blend - Chocolate, Black Cherry, Malt Sugar

Cold Brew Blend - Chocolate, Black Cherry, Malt Sugar

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Following a late-aughties popularity boom cold brewed coffee has become a summer essential right alongside shades and sunscreen, and a huge hit among coffee fans every spring as soon as temps surpass 70 degrees. 
Part of the appeal is the utility- a cup of cold brew will take you places, with a caffeine kick that’s enough to shake off even the most brutal of summertime hot-apartment brain fog.
However, taken a step further, cold brew can be transcendently delicious, and Upper Left’s Cold Brew Blend takes you a step in that direction. We have tested countless roasts to come up with a blend rich with the chocolatey tones of a low elevation Brazil, the big fruit of a naturally processed Ethiopian, and the smoothness of a mild Latin American.
Our blend takes the guesswork out of chasing these notes- shops and home users alike should expect success across a wide variety of grinding, steeping, and straining processes, and can expect this coffee to hold it’s own against ice, dairy, or alternative milks.
According to Statista, in 2017 sales of cold brew coffee jumped to $38.1 million, a 370% increase from the $8.1 million in sales the category saw in 2015. Demand for this product is a major factor driving Specialty Coffee's increasing market share.
Upper Left's Cold Brew Blend is one of few coffee blends available that is designed specifically for use in cold brewing. 
The back of our 12oz bags display a simple and precise recipe for home brewing.